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Life is good. The Kyo layout is done. And... it's one of my best yet. Not sure how it'll work on larger browsers because the content location uses precentages... so if you're bigger than 1024x768 this may or may not be a very scary thing to look at. I love when my layouts are rape-worthy. This layout features the godly jrocker Kyo of Dir en grey in celebration of the new album (as you'll see when you look at it) using the newest shots I have of him, as suggested by the ever-reliable othila_manaz. The last time I had a Kyo layout, it said in big white chalky letters "Let's decorate the walls. You're the freakshow" and it worked with him so well that I just used the lines again. For anyone who wasn't around then, the lines are translated lyrics from Schwein no isu, also a Dir en grey tune. I even made myself a new default icon in honor of this layout, how's that for awesome.

Also, if anyone hasn't heard the album yet, I feel sorry for you. If you're waiting for your copy, I applaud your self-control... I just could not wait for mine and so I downloaded it. You'll be so happy and content with life after The Note. I wonder if that can be like... my official time line divider. Before The Note and After The Note.
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