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Oh. My. God

Jesus Christ RnR is slowly making it's way to my favorite song of all time slot. Previously held by the fabulous and amazing The Final... hey, at least it's still a Dir en grey song, right? OH MY GOD THAT NOTE. After othila_manaz pointed it out to me, I couldn't stop listening to it over and over, and still can't. My Diru love is reborn, folks... Just when I thought all was lost... DAMN YOU KPOP AND YOUR JROCK LOVE STEALING WAYS! I think I definately have to make that Kyo layout as suggested. Good god, the chorus in this song... is so hauntingly hot that... THESE GUYS MAKE THE BEST MUSIC. What the fuck have I been thinking?

And Fear Factor last night rocked. I taped it and watched it this morning when I had time and there were these two hot ass mohawk twins. My my. Eh heh heh, and there was a minor wardrobe malfunction that Liz here certainly enjoyed. And the two sets of guy twins kept saying really gay shit about each other. Like one of the mohawk twins said something about thinking odd things about yourself when they hit the water and when asked to explain more, he said something about the cowboy twins being hot. And later the cowboy twins were commenting on how hot the mohawk twins looked in their shorts. I love men.
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