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A few H.O.T-related yays

So Steph has been sitting here with me for a few hours enjoying this haul of H.O.T clips I recently acquired and for the most part it's been great... but she's been moping for the past few minutes about Hee Jun dying in that little mini drama they did... which was so funny... but kinda sad... now I feel bad about making fun of her...

And at one point our conversation kinda went like:
Me: *points to screen* WonHyuk
Her: WooWon
Me: *points again* WonHyuk
Her: WooWon
Me: *points to where it says WonHyuk* WonHyuk
Her: *also points" WooWon

You try saying that with a serious face. It doesn't work.

And the picture so you know what we're talking about:

The left side of the picture was cut while I was trying to upload it in a freak paint/pixia accident, so don't bother telling me that part of it is missing... I already know.

WonHyuk, am I right?
WooWon reminds me too much of Minwoo/Dongwan.
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