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Uploading... uploading... hot damn I've been uploading for far too long. Yesterday on kpop uploads I allowed the members to completely rape my file list and it took forever to get through, but it made me feel very good about myself for helping so many people out. I think I may be viewed as a small god over there. According to them I am awesome, cool, nice, loveable, and I rock... so hard. *Poses* So how do you like me now?

Still upset about my Tony cd. I should burn it from the computer so I can sleep right again. I feel dirty about that, though. Oh yeah, the girl with about 35 gigs of anime, movies, and music on the computer feels bad about burning one cd. How sad is that?

I made myself a Kangta icon the other day that you guys may have seen floating around. I also made myself two avatar and signature sets for various boards. One of Woo Hyuk to piss off kpop haters at Audrey (no really, I love you guys but you have to stop telling me how much you hate them. I don't love every jrocker and lets face it, some of your choices are kinda creepy. But the difference is, I don't say that crap to your faces on a regular basis.) and another set of Seed from the Suikoden series for Petal's Venue because I've decided to at least give them a chance... ok, maybe half a chance.

I should post those.

I think I will

*Looks again* Those are totally fucking hot. And don't you love how every one of my sigs just screams "ICONIST!"
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