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So me, Steph, and Mom went to Walmart today to pick up cough drops and a hair buzzer (yeah, what the fuck are we planning, right?) and they saw those fucking ugly... guh... what the hell are they called? Those ass nasty kids show things. Boobah? God, those things are ugly. And they bought two huge dolls of them. I can't look at those things. Steph's been sleeping on my floor lately so I told her that they weren't going in my room for any reason and if the dog chewed them up I wouldn't cry for them. If I saw the dog chewing on one, I'd turn away and let it happen. The rest of the time we were in the store I kinda looked at everything from the corner of my eye, not willing to make direct eye contact with the things. Oh man are they ugly. UGLY. Whoever made those things should be tortured... But hell, I don't know how they could be tortured if they can handle looking at those things for so fucking long.

I had the greatest dream with Woo Hyuk and Jae Won in it last night. Its been so long since they were in my dreams that... oh god, it was just so refreshing. I don't want to go into detail, but when I got up this morning I felt that nothing was wrong in the world and I kind of floated to the bathroom and back... because it was morning and all... and then went back to sleep in hopes of it continuing... but instead I got this creepy murder movie dream that didn't have Koreans in it at all and I found that to be a waste of a good morning. Then Steph ruined everything by telling me as soon as she woke up that they were in her dream too and that it was very X-rated ... I was so mad. My dream wasn't X-rated at all. But now I bet I'll have horrible nightmare dreams about Boobahs killing my boys and I just don't want that at all.

Death to Boobah.
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