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So Life Sucks

My comp is on the fritz because my brother went and downloaded a bunch of crap I told him not to download and it unleashed a beast. I'm trying to get my father to bring it down to Staples to see if they can fix it because the last time I tried to fix the computer, it ended up on life support and unable to run windows... so I already told my parents that I would not be touching this one.

And I sliced my finger open on the staircase going into the basement earlier. That sucked pretty fucking hardcore if you ask me.

And I am very late with my period. Yeah, that period. This is just not the right time in my life for my body to finally decide that it can handle having a kid. Not now... not ever, in fact. Fuck kids. I'll adopt if I really really need one. But yeah, preg scare in the Liz household.

The one good thing about the past few days is that I finally got around to starting that fic I've been telling Steph I'd write for her. Tony and Hyuk... Fun to look at but slightly odd to write. She read the 24 or so pages I already have and told me she loves it... but I don't know if I'll finish it. I never finish stories and fics... its just... not my thing. And I can't bring myself to have sex in it. A gay fic with no sex? WTF? But she likes fluff so... what the fuck ever.
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