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Three more, Two by request

One for me, two for you guys... actually, anyone can use any of them... I'm not anal like that.

Tony is "hey funky" monkey ears love

No Minwoo is bleach blonde bed head love

JunTa is a sexy, precious double whammy

The image host that was being used is.... hate. So I uploaded the pictures elsewhere. If you have a shitty "image is up your ass" banner instead, just replace the code with the new, working one.


Made for miyavi_fangirl

Made for domestik_fucker


I hope you guys are satisfied.

I had a very limited supply of pictures for both of the requests, but I think they came out pretty good anyway. So you know what this means. Yeah, people need to give me more pictures. Anyone who wants a colorbar from now on needs to give me at least ten shts that are colorbar-worthy.

Feel free to alter the text as you feel fit.
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