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So, following tradition... I was watching the Hope MV before bed and my father had just seen my happy Hee Jun desktop and said it was better than the ones I usually have because the guys look like girls. He also then cracked on my sexuality by commenting on how that's probably why I like them... because they look like girls. This is the same man who just... hates Korea and the people from it for pretty much no reason whatsoever... Anyway, so I felt proud and happy because he liked the desktop and had already started watching Hope when he looks at the screen and cracks on the fact that they weren't riding real motorcycles and then on the fact that Jae Won looked like a fag... and finally he looked at Kangta and said, and I quote, "That's a girl, right?" and I laughed and said no so he scoffed and went to walk from the room and said... another quote here... "I'd fuck him."


I think I laughed for a solid three minutes. First, the fact that my father thought Kangta was female THEN that he'd... oh god... *Shakes head* I will never forget this night. This is like the night I finally got Steph into kpop or the night I was sitting on my bed and joking around that I was in a hot tub with Woo Hyuk and Steph jumped on my bed and played along... These are the kinds of things I can NEVER forget... EVER.

And to make this whole story worth while... Kangta...

And of course I don't have a Kangta icon so... Hee Jun will just have to do...
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