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It never ends

What the fuck?

I accept your apology...

Now can we be friends and stop bickering? Its getting quite old dont you think? o_O'' Plus, its Valentine's Day! ^_^

Anyways, I do need help on how to fix or edit my previous post...

And youre 19, eh? So let me guess here... youre born in the year of the ox??? Am I right? or wrong? unless you go by the the chinese calendar then you might either be a tiger or rat...

Anyways, I am sorry that you felt that way about my letter.. Since you do not know me, I dont like people trying to step on me like that especially when they get fustrated at me for someone else's fault when it definitely wasnt my fault to begin with or end with!!!

However, since Im the bigger person.. I'll pretend like the first letter you sent me to be non-sequitur and ignore it, but if you treat me like that again... no mercy okie dokie? ^_^

And Im sorry that youre fustrated... its not my fault either if you think that in anyway.. And you got bored? well, aren't you articulate! *by the way, now that was sarcasm, ha!*

Anyhow, I hope that you learned your lesson not to go psycho on innocent people such as myself!!! Thats being mean and just sadistic if you did anyhow...

I mean think about this, you could have just sent me a letter in a nice way where I wont get offended by your fustration and I would have loved to take my post off and we wouldnt have to fight like mad cow diease (a pun there!) and you wouldnt have to kill your big pride by writing this letter apologizing for your mistakes against me, u know?

Pretty logical and efficient dont you think so? ^_^ Saves time and emotional bagage... but you didnt think about that did you? o_O''

Anyways, i do infact need help on getting that post off, and I would like it if you would help me out on that, or you would probably never get my previous post off unless you start a new one, which by your definition mean defeat and more anger, is it not? ^_^

Anyways, it was good to hear from you, especially after that horrible letter I recieved the first time... but i'll ignore that for now...

Good day and Happy Valentine's Day!!!~


No, seriously... what the fuck?
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