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I've been updating on hot tub more than I have here... and that's kinda sad. I've seen everyone on my friends list throwing up meme's of every freakin' sort over the past few days and I thought I'd let everyone know that I won't, repeat will not be doing any of them. They've annoyed me to the point of hating them. I'm not asking people not to post them... by all means, knowck yourself out. I mean, they're your journals and I chose to have you on my friends page. I'm just telling people that I won't be responding to them or posting them on my journal.

In better, happier news, I made myself a Tetsu icon that I haven't uploaded yet.

Ok, I have five hot asians trying to pester me into playing Risk. I'm not crazy, I swear.

EDIT: Chatlog

Degac Creep: that group, Bump of Chicken... does their name offend / disgust you or make you think of gross tumors?
Othila Manaz: yes
Degac Creep: man
Degac Creep: I think that every time
Othila Manaz: all of the above
Degac Creep: I havent even heard them and I dont like them
Othila Manaz: i dont want to
Degac Creep: I never will
Degac Creep: unless its an accident or forced on me during torture
Othila Manaz: same here
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