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I love my siblings

So I was going to stay up last night to catch the repeat of KMC but I got really tired so... you know... I went to sleep and told my brother to get me and Steph up so we could watch it. When he came up to get us, Steph said she didn't want to watch it after all so we both kinda said "fuck it" and went back to sleep. I was under the impression that my brother had gone to bed then but I guess he went back down and taped the program... but only the good videos. I was shocked. I popped the tape in and there was Bi, Shinhwa, and Nell... I kinda twitched then decided it was because I listen to this shit all the time and he pretty much knew what I wanted. I love him today.

And heh, me and Steph were watching my full tape of videos and Hyde's Cape of Storms was on there a few times and that line where he says "chocolate" kept making us laugh because we were wondering if he was really actually saying chocolate. Steph was like "What if he's not really saying chocolate but, like... chihuahua..." Then I was like, "or suburban or something." Heh heh. Suburban. And she was like "Foot powder". We're weird.

And Kangta and Jae Won went food shopping with us. Don't ask.
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