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Fuck you all

Because so many of you can't fucking realize that I would never purposefully screw you over, ignore you, make fun of you behind your back, or whatever else it is that you think I'm doing over here, fuck you all. I'm not making anything for anyone anymore. And don't ask for files either. I sacrifice my day, my life, my sanity to do things for you and all I get is bullshit criticism and negative accusations in return. Half of the people I help don't even fucking thank me. And boy do I love when I'm looking for comments on my work and I get fucking ignored. That really makes my fucking day.

Those of you who should not be offended by this:
- People I have never made graphics for
- New people to my friends list
- Anyone who has commented on one of graphics post in the past with more than 6 words

So, until I calm down, DO NOT IM me for help with an icon, layout, sig, wallpaper, colorbar, avatar, or any other fucking thing you can think up for me to make that you won't use. DO NOT ask me for any files of any sort, including, but not limited to music, clips, videos, pictures, and programs. And absolutely fucking DO NOT contact me in any way and try to calm me down, because then I will hate you, block you, and possibly delete you.

Don't test me.
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