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I wanted a Woo Hyuk layout... oh yes... I WANTED IT GOD DAMN IT. But after the other layout I put together today, I am completely spent when it comes to being creative. So here's what I did: I made a new banner. *Bows* No, ok, I made a new banner, altered the colors, redid the links... OK I DID A SHITLOAD. It just looks quite a bit like the last layout...

Oh yeah, I still haven't figured out how to resize the content table without percentages so its still shitty to the larger resolutions.

And uh... its Eric from Shinhwa. *Dodges Tomatos* I CAN'T HELP IT HE'S SEXY DAMMIT! It is the first time I have ever made a layout to fit my default icon... which is sexy BTW... I'll use it in this entry so you can see it in all its Eric glory. AH I SCARE MYSELF WHEN IT COMES TO THIS MAN.

The line I have come to associate with him "I will make you mine" is a translated lyric from one of their songs... I forget now which one so bite me and get over it. OK NO MORE SE7EN! (Not that I don't love Se7en... I just get sick of layouts fast.) OK AND NOW I'M RAMBLING.

And uh... Bah on the hat of whatever god is causeing IN:COM to go down the shitter. The whole situation frustrates me.
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