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Adonis VS Reverse Adonis
An in-depth look at something you don't give a flying fuck about.

Adonis. The Adonis Attack unite is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. Here we have two... I repeat... TWO sexy pirates and one gloriously fantastic has-been captain together in one godly attack that makes my head spin clear off my shoulders. Presenting: Sigurd, Hervey, and Helmuth.

Reverse Adonis. A washed-up fighter who has already proven his ass is very easy to kick, a pussy with no idea that medicine is VERY different than flour, and a bitch-slapping foxy red head who likes to hang out with dead people. I give you: Jeremy, Tristan, and Travis.

The real debate here is who you like more: Jeremy or Helmuth. I've narrowed it down to this for two reasons. 1.) If Sigurd and Hervey fought Travis and Tristan, I'm honestly not sure who would win. both sides are nearly completely equal. 2.) Sigurd and Hervey are pirates... One would think this is enough to break the scale in their favor, but quite honestly, Travis is "holy god, mercy... MERCY" enough on his own to counter them without adding Tristan's badass pants and hair to the mix.

So lets just say that those four balance the sides pretty well. Last we have Helmuth and Jeremy. They were both insanely easy to recruit (Helmuth was automatic, come one!), they both have similar getups, hair, and fighting styles, and they have both proven that they can get their asses kicked pretty easy.


And so I ask you, even if you don't know the game and are going only on appearances and how I have discribed them:

Who tips the scale for the better Adonis?
Helmuth or Jeremy?

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