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I'm absolutely obsessed with the Barrage Attack from Suikoden 4. It all started when I got Ted. Like I wasn't going to put that boy on my team or something. Then Ted's comment about Aldo in my comment box had me replacing Rita for the last spot. Soon after that, Kika was tossed out and Frederica took over. Now there aren't many fights that go by without me using that attack at least once. Damn this game and its sexy unites (not including that shit between Snowe and Hero at the beginning that they thought they could call a unite, of course).

AAAAANYWAY, I'm really fucking bored right now. I'd make icons but I am at a total loss for icon text here. Maybe I should just make a series of icons using lyrics from that Paperchase song I use so much. And I think a new layout for myself is coming up. Its been some time. I need to figure out how to position the content without using percentages so everyone can see it and be happy. Right now its doing this ugly overlapping thing to people with higher resolutions and I need to fix that but I haven't the strength.

How about a colorbar. Anyone need a colorbar? Mood theme? Dude, I should zip my Totch theme for people to use if they want.

Oh yeah, I started (and finished, kind of) four pages of Suikoden IV on OFG. Unites, Equipment, Secrets, and Item Locations. Nowhere NEAR complete, but what the fuck are you gonna do? Work harder, Liz, that's what.

BTW: Archers rock, Mik. LICK MY ASS.

Casbah out.
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