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Not sucks

I can NOT believe how sexy this icon came out. (I don't feel like uploading it, so I'll just use it in this entry.) There's a story, and here it is:

I set out to create a Woo Hyuk icon using my awesome mini movie skills and my even more awesome Outside Castle PV. Unfortunately its so hard to use Outside Castle as a base for ANYTHING so that idea was scrapped pretty fucking quick, if you know what I mean. So, then I was like "Well maybe just a gif for my userinfo then" and loaded up Iyah... don't ask why, it was just the one. And anyone who has seen it knows how much of a cam whore Woo Hyuk is in that one. One thing led to another and I had one of the sexiest animated gifs I have ever seen. Then I was like "Wow, that would make a kick-ass icon" and started fucking around resizing and all that good stuff but couldn't get it down enough to actually be of icon size. So I did the usual mini movie icon thing and grabbed a different shot and put the gif on it. One word of text and three pale yellow brush clicks later, and we have... MY BRAND NEW FUCKING ICON, BITCHES.

And that is step three in my grand appology for trashing on H.O.T for four years straight. *Stifly waves*

Oh yeah, BTW... this icon is just like the Tetsu tongue one. If I find anyone using it, I will hunt you down and kill you slowly. I'm serious. You will be fucking dead. I am violent and I'm not afraid to use it.... <.< Just let that settle in.
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