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Stolen from: miyavi_fangirl

on the cheek.
on the lips.
in my room.
in their room.
of the same sex.
of the opposite sex.
younger than me.
older than me.
with black hair.
with curly hair.
with blonde hair & blue eyes.
with flaming red hair.
with straight hair.
shorter than me.
taller than me.

with a lip ring.
with a piece of clothing missing.
with a piece of my clothing missing.
who was drunk.
who was high.
who I had just met.
who was homosexual. (does it count if I'm homosexual, too?)
who I didn't really want to kiss.
on a holiday.
who was going out with someone close to me.

who was my good friend's brother or sister.
who had been/is in jail.
in a graveyard.
at a show/concert.
at the beach.
on the dance floor.
who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with.
with dyed hair.
with a shaved head.
who was/is my good friend.
who was/is in a band.
who has tattoos.
who is of a completely different race than me. (What, like a fucking elf or something?)
in the rain.

in another continent besides where I was born.
with an accent.
with an std. (Herpes of the mouth counts, yes?)
on a boat.
in a car/taxi/bus.
on a plane.
at the circus/carnival.

with a missing body part.
in the movies.
that I love. (loved)
when talking on the phone
while someone was watching.
in a jacuzzi.

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