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Had fun with a few people on the webcam. I even sang <3. But now I'm back to my old, H.O.T listening, pants wearing self. Plus the camera is... hating me at the moment. And I have such a headache.

And I didn't have to go to work. I'm gonna catch such shit from the doc, though. My mother didn't want me going out in the storm so she had me call him and tell him I wasn't coming in. He was like "oh.. ok..." and I have this feeling work today is going to suck.

Me and Steph spent like, three hours sleeping on my bed then we got up and went downstairs to watch about two hours of random kpop clips that I put down there for her to watch whenever she wants. We got all the way through Shinhwa, Dong Bang Shin Gi, and Se7en before we moved onto jrock.

Then we watched Miyavi. *shit eating grin*

I am so glad she finally came to her senses about this stuff. I was so proud of her earlier. She was on this computer looking up DBSG lyrics and came across a group I have not yet gotten into... and told me to back the fuck off. I could have cried.

Wanted to edit instead of making a new entry... why, I don't know.

I just now came across this old (and OLD) article on soompi (I like reliving fun times) and was reading along through it (its about H.O.T, which really didn't appeal to me until recently, and that's sad) and this caught my interest:

"Best Performer: Jang Woo Hyuk

Look at the way this guy moves! With the extreme fluidity of a ballerina, the skills of an Olympian, and the emotions that only an H.O.T. member can provide, Woo Hyuk is the visual center of H.O.T.’s performances. Embodying perfect rhythm and awe-inspiring popping (check out the “We are the Future” and “Outside Castle” music videos), we have here the consummate performer."

I found it funny because the only H.O.T videos I have in this comp right now are those two... and for that very reason. *Pumps fist*
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