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Because my recent colorbars have been such a hit, I will now take any requests for new ones (plus, I really like making them...) If you can't come up with something you need to have now, just remember that I offered later on. (Knowing my memory, I'll just forget anyway).

Work was oddly interesting. The Doc was like "How are those two cats doing in the back?" And my first thought was 'There are seven fucking cats back there. How the hell am I supposed to know which ones you're talking about?' But what I actually said was "uhm..." and then it hit me. So I said (without thinking, of course), "Oh you mean Lucifer and Satan? Yeah, the enemies of God are doing just fine." After a few second of staring at me he was like "What are you talking about?" I proceeded to explain how those cats are completely evil.

Don't ask about the music selection. Just let it go.

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