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Heh. So my sister just woke up and called my into her room and started talking about this new band she found that she thought I'd like. I don't remember their name now that I think about it, but she was saying how hot and sexy the guys were. She was like "Hot and sexy, blah blah, I hold all the cards but I'll trade, blah blah, they're music is sexy..." And I got frustrated and demanded the genre of music that they played and she was like "Ok, you know Thursday?" And the first line out of my mouth was, "Oh, shitty emo!?" Heh heh. She then tried to explain to me that it was "mature emo" to which I laughed and told her the conversation was over. Mature emo... ha hah hahahh ahaa.

Then Steph said, and I quote, "Hey Beth. That vanilla milk bath stuff I got yesterday smells, get this... simple and clean." So of course I had to smell it. And yes, it smelled simple and clean. Well now I know that it is certainly a smell... but I'm still completely in the dark about how a person can make someone feel simple and clean. I stopped listening to that song for a reason.
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