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I'm ready to kill every fangirl alive

Because the jrock scans LJ comm is friends only, I can't link right there and I'll have to put it all here for you to understand. I am at rope's end with these bitches. I'm sure you all are aware of my thoughts on Dir en grey's newer look, especially Kaoru's, and how fucking stupid the fans are being about it. I'll refresh those of you who came in late. It doesn't matter if they change their look so much that it pisses off fans. It doesn't matter if they all wake up in the morning and put on a semi-clean shirt and walk out. It doesn't matter if they all wear no makeup and let their hair get greasy. They are who they are so get the fuck over it.

So today on jrock_scans I saw that someone posted the scans from Zappy December 2004. Having already seen them and wanting to check out the Miyavi ones as well, I went to comment my usual thanks and whatnot and found the most disgusting example of fandom I have ever seen.

I warn that some people may be offended.

I will not be removing any names because you made your own bed, now lay in it. Stew in it, really. Simmer in those pathetic juices.

Is it just me, or does Toshiya really start to look more and more like a crackwhore?
*waits for the angry comments*

no it's not you. i think so too. AHAHAHAHAA
LAY OFF THE DRUGS TOSHIYA!! god he needs to go to rehab and also fashion rehab. poor toochies!

Wahahahahaha! I was afraid people would start to try to hurt because I said that XD

lol oh nouss. we speak the truth!! poor toshiya. he used to be so...HAPPY before now he's all..gloom and doom. kaoru and die have infected him!!!! >:
I'm afraid so, yes!
But lately it kind of seems that they don't really care about their outfits anymore... I mean, they do pick a certain look, but they take like the 'easiest'...

it's like...

kaoru: yo toshiya you wearing that ugly striped shirt?
tosh: no
kaoru: cool! *grabs it*

i seriosuly think they fired their stylist aha.

kyo: i'll just wear these here black pants with this here white tank top shirt thingyer. and this here studded belt.

Ohhhh, I'm sure that's EXACTLY how it went! Or they hired another stylist that.. sucked XD

yeah lmao
they also need to hire a sound tech that doesn't hate kaoru :/
poor kaoru and his um...bad self during lives. it's like such a contrast, die sounds soo clear and good, and kaoru is WRRRRWRRRR I'LL DEAFEN YOU WRRRWRRRRRR FEEL MY PAIN RWRRRRWRRRRRRRRR DESPAIR WRRRRRWRRRRR x.x; *cries*


But to be honest, I've stopped listening to Dir en Grey since... Since Vulgar, I guess. But I've never been such a big fan of them!

lol lots of ppl stopped listening to diru after vulgar. also they got lots of annoying fanbois after that album. OMGIZSOOOMETAL!!!OMGOMGMETALL!!!
omg lyke stfu kthanx >>;

Then they started talking about other bullshit that I lost interest in.
A few others responded about Totch's "habit" and getting him into rehab.
I'll skip those because I'm already annoyed.

My response at long last:

Ok fangirls making fun of fanboys is just sad. At least they like it for the music and don't freak out every time they see half an ass shot or something. And please, I think its disgusting that any one of you can even begin to judge them on how they look. Not liking it is fine, but nobody really needs to hear every fucking "fan" complaining on and on about it. No, Toshiya doesn't look like a "crackwhore". I don't think any of you know what a "crackwhore" is. And if you honestly stopped listening to them, then move the fuck on and get over it. The real fans don't need your bullshit every time someone makes an entry about them.

On a softer, less bitchy side, thank you for the scans. Miyavi and Diru much appreciated.

That is all.
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