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The old days

So me and my old old friend Brittany used to... oh my god, I can not believe I'm telling people outside my family this *shakes head*... It was my first experience with in-life roleplaying... WE WERE ONLY LIKE TWELVE OK!? We used to... *sigh* ... pretend we were married to the Beatles. Sounds kinda rediculous when its typed out, eh? I usually had John and she had George... *head / desk* Yes, we were sad. Although, there was this one time that we were so fucking tired laying up on her sister's bunk bed and I had Geaorge and I slapped the bed and groand "George go make some fucking coffee". *Shakes head again* Oh my fucking god.

Anyway, so me and Charlotte were just sitting here listening to Abbey Road, right, and she's like, "we should play that thing you and Brittany used to play" and I kinda smiled and started thinking of the good old days. And the snippet you all get is:

Charlotte: So Liz, who are you married to?
Liz: George.
Charlotte: I get Paul, cause he's left handed. *Leans over onto "Paul"* So where's George?
Liz: Dead.
Charlotte: LIZ!
Liz: Fine he's in the studio. He's all pissed because John and Paul are being gay with each other.
Charlotte: *Looks to her left where "Paul" would be* What? *Waits a few seconds* Oh Paul you're so funny.
Liz: No, you are supposed to say what he says.
Charlotte: Oh. So Paul, what was your inspiration for this one? *Immitates Paul's voice* Mostly just the LSD and a bit of coke.

Ho boy. It ended right there.

Viva la Beatles roleplay.
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