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*Scoff* Guys

Alec = ViktorScrewsFlik
Jonas = Penal Impurity

Penal Impurity: HEY
ViktorScrewsFlik: wazzah
Penal Impurity: So, you talk to Liz lately?
ViktorScrewsFlik: nope i think she's mad at me
Penal Impurity: She's mad cause you just left and didn't tell her
ViktorScrewsFlik: well she went of to job corps how was i supposed to talk to her?
Penal Impurity: Call her
ViktorScrewsFlik: too much work
Penal Impurity: You're an ass, Alec
ViktorScrewsFlik: yeah i know
Penal Impurity: So I guess you didn't hear that she got a job
ViktorScrewsFlik: ...
ViktorScrewsFlik: what?
Penal Impurity: That's what I said. She works at a vet's office or something
ViktorScrewsFlik: wait, liz got a job?
Penal Impurity: Haha.
ViktorScrewsFlik: liz "screw the world cause i am awesome" got a job?
Penal Impurity: Yes
ViktorScrewsFlik: am i the only one who finds this odd?

No, I find it odd, too, guys.
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