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Pity Me

I got up really early this morning because I wanted to catch some net before my mother got home. When she did show up, I managed to convince her to drive me into work this afternoon instead of sending me in a cab. This would later lead to some serious bullshit, but I'll get to that. So I get to work and the place is empty. There was not a soul in sight aside from The Doc. It took me about four minutes to give the place a once over and figure out that my slippy slap clean job the night before had not been disturbed other than a clump of fur on an exam table.

I got so bored that I decided to wet dust the entire front office including the closet and cleared the cobwebs out of both storage areas. I then proceeded to clean my (and I concider it mine now) mop in the empty holding area for ten minutes simply to amuse myself. The Doc and I then sat in the front office for an hour and a half doing nothing but talking about my life at Job Corps. Then he told me he wanted me to see if I could fix a drawer that broke in the back room and to move some boxes. By the time I was done, one person had gone through the place and my back killed.

He then decided he'd be closing early (which mean less money for me). So I called my cab and they said they'd be there in about twenty minutes. So twenty minutes come and go and we leave the shop and he goes home. I stood outside for about half an hour before deciding that I'm gonna walk it. So I started the evil trudge of death back to town. But since The Doc set his place up so fucking far away from society, it turned out being a four mile hike in heels. And it was dark. Anyone who knows me knows my biggest fear is the dark. Well this was three miles of highway, unlit and with no sidewalks. If Aki hadn't been there, I think I would have died. He told me that he'd kick anyone's ass if they even went near me.

I passed like 14 stupid pointless factories before I got to Ten Pins where they like to fuck people in the ass and told me that I couldn't get change from my very real and useable bills to use the pay phone unless I bought something. I tried to reason with her... I told her that I had already walked two and a half miles and to please just do this for me. She told me no in this snobby "I'm better than you" tone... So I flipped the bitch off and called her a flaming homosexual with no future and she was like "I think you'd better leave" but I was already halfway out the door with my one finger salute still held high.

I then proceeded to walk the rest of the way to Timpany Plaza because by the time I reached the Shell station I figured that it was just not worth stopping in to say hi to the fucks who work there and already hate me. So I went to Stop and Shop. I bought one of those little boxes of Slim Jims and then called the cab company. I was too tired to bitch at them for not picking me up so I just crumpled into a pile outside Blockbuster and munched on my Slims. I must have really been a sight for sore eyes. I know I was really tired because that hottie hot hot asian sexy dude that works at Stop and Shop came out for his cig break and I only glanced at him. Usually I make sure to stare at him good and hard when we go shopping. There's another asian hottie hot hot that works at Miccy D's... but I'm not getting into that.

Then the cabby showed and I scooped myself up and oozed off the curb into the cab where I was met with another delectable hottie that I didn't pay attention to because I couldn't move. At one point during the ride I kinda slumped over in the seat and I think I scared him because he was like "Jesus, are you alright?" And I kinda just opened my eyes and said "Turn the music up" because it was Disturbed. I like those boys. Anyway, I got home and had Tom give me the greatest massage of all time. That boy may suck at RPGs but he sure knows how to give a massage.

When mom got up she immediately went into "WHAT THE FUCK!? BECAUSE OF YOU I DIDN'T GET TO SLEEP UNTIL FOUR YOU STUPID BITCH. FROM NOW ON YOU TAKE A CAB." Yeah, like I ever plan to call a cab from that place again. From now on I am going to bring a backpack to work with track pants and my running shoes because if there's one thing I won't do again its walking four miles in dress shoes. Anyway, because she had no idea that I had to walk all that way, I had the pleasure of smearing her ugly, disrespectful, selfish face in the dog shit she herself layed out in front of me by thanking her for the ride sweetly and then telling her that the reason I looked sick wasn't because I forgot to take my allergy medicine but because I cried for half an hour after I got home because I almost got hit by three cars and am now mentally scarred for life because I almost fell off a bridge.

Even after I told her how crap my day was, she was like "oh YOUR day was crap? What about MINE?" Like I had at any point compared my day to her's or something. Then I went downstairs and watched Revolution and ignored her when she left because she can suck my big hairy non-existant cock if she thinks I'm talking to her after that bullshit. Who else thinks I deserve an apology from that woman for the first time in my nineteen years of living with her?

So on top of destroying my feet and knees, throwing out my back, dropping my medicine in a fucking stream, walking three miles alone and in the cold darkness, almost getting hit by three cars, jaywalking about eight times, walking into two trees, and missing out on two complete hottie hot hots, I still got to put up with my mother's fucking stupid bitching about things nobody cares about. And that, my friends, was the worst day of my complete fucking life.

That includes the day I woke up in the recovery room after an emergency appendix fluid removal surgery then finding out that that odd painful feeling in my ass was the four miles of packing they shoved up there to keep my from bleeding out through my asshole. *nods* Too much information, I know... but today was still worse.
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