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The Secret's Out

o0Kahloist0o: JESUS CHRIST
o0Kahloist0o: HE LOOKS LIKE ...
o0Kahloist0o: like
o0Kahloist0o: that..that one korean rapper guy
o0Kahloist0o: umm
o0Kahloist0o: thats in shinwah
Degac Creep: minwoo? andy? eric? WHAT!?
o0Kahloist0o: MINWOO
Degac Creep: fucking a!
Degac Creep: I LOVE MINWOO
Degac Creep: *shrinks small* sorry
o0Kahloist0o: and hes all into the cock sucking man
o0Kahloist0o: hes eatin that shit up >>
o0Kahloist0o: heheheh
Degac Creep: I forgot for a second there that I... uhm.. don't like shinhwa
o0Kahloist0o: you are gonna go so many shades of apeshit
Degac Creep: where those names came from... I just dont know
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