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*bitch bitch bitch*

Work sucked.

I got attacked by a dog that was bigger than me, and had to mop 9 rooms... repeatedly... He wouldn't let me sit down. He was like "You have to keep moving. Go clean something." So I washed that place from top to fucking bottom and he was like "You have to keep moving. Go clean something." And all I could think was "What the fuck else do you want me to clean? Really now, WHAT ELSE IS THERE!? Is there some kind of basement or something that I haven't seen yet?!?" So, in the end, I just went into the back room and cleaned the cages again.

And then, at one point, I wanted to piss really bad and walked up into the bathroom to find... can you guess? Man piss. In the toilet. Unflushed. I made sure long ago that my brother learned to flush when he was done pissing because it really grosses me out... although I'm not sure EXACTLY why. Anyway, I flushed it but then decided that I didn't need to go that bad anyway.

And this girl came in with her cat... and holy shit the cat had a fish hook stuck in its leg. Not only was there a fucking hook hanging out of his back paw but it went through the front foot first and there was still the wire going through it. *zOMG* And while I was mopping one of the surgery rooms for the sixth time in that two hour period, he asked me to hold the leg... HOLD THE FUCKING LEG up in the air while he used these massive wire cutter scissor things to pry... fucking PRY the hook out of the muscle. He was like "Look away" and I wasn't about to fucking ask so my head whipped away. Then I heard this grotesque fucking snapping sound.

But nothing beats the vigorous and repetative fucking mopping. If it weren't for me, that man would have gotten absolutely nothing done. Oh, but there was this ADORABLE cat named Lucky. The first time I went back there I saw him laying out on his front in his cage and he looked up at me and mewed. I must have turned into such a girl looking at his little face. And for the rest of the day I kept going back to the holding room to "clean out the mop" but I always stopped to see him. He would poke his little cat nose out of the cage and mew at me. *Sigh* He was so cute.

I hesitate to think what he'll have me do with fish hook cat tomorrow. Oh yeah, he pretty much said "Fuck what I told you before. You won't be only working 2:00 - 5:30 for the next two weeks like I said. You're coming in at 9 tomorrow." My jaw fell out of my face as I sulked my way out to my mother's car. My feet hurt.
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