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So yobai got Diablo 2... and you know me, I had to play with her. It was like... meant to be. I had to create a new character because she didn't have the expansion and I only had expansion characters. Anyway, we did a few of my favorite things... like kill every serious boss in act 1 without dying... <.< although twice we had an issue and died like three times each trying to go back and get out bodies from this onslaught of champion shit. Andy went down crying like a bitch. It was fun though. Heh heh, right when we started act 2 we went down into the sewers, she trapped me in a narrow hall between herself and the wall and kept saying that there was a door beyond me. Trust me, if there was a door I wouldn't have been standing there telling her to back it up. But it was funny and I love her so... If it was anyone else I would have fucking gone hostile on their ass and taken them down. (I always win at that shit anyway because I am very serious about my dudes and they're always awesome. I pity the fool who gets in the way of my newest Druid). In the end I remembered I was a Barbarian and I jumped over her ass and walked out. I was like "fuck this shit" and BOUNCED... literally. And then we ran around town and hung at the pub and played hide and seek and she called me the sexiest Barbarian she'd ever seen. So yeah, it was the most enjoyable 16 levels of Diablo 2 I have ever played.
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