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WARNING: This entry involves risky topics like "self love", "self pimping", "over-egoing", and "iamawesomeness". Read on only if you are properly insured.

Let's discuss something here, folks. I have 48 people on my friends list and I am watching 46 communities. I have the time for it, don't start thinking this is a friend pruning entry. My issue is, if you are going to add me to your friends list, at least TELL me you're doing it so I don't go into my userinfo and SURPRISE there's four or five new names I hadn't seen the day before. I'm not mad or pissed or anything, I just like to know these things. For some of you, yes, I am the center of the universe and you will die without me... and lucky for you I know who you are and this message does not concern you. But for those of you who are just passing through and don't yet bow to my awesomeness *ego ego ego* just let me know that you're adding me so I can be aware.

That is all.

I made an affiliate button for Creep.

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