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Stupid Brother

So I was watching through one of my tapes of Korean and Japanese music videos like two hours ago and my brother came in and started watching it with me. That was odd enough as it was. Then he started commenting on hot chicks and practically died when Boa came on. I had Shinhwa's "Brand New" on there like five times and he said he was sick of it after the first time. And then, the most offensive comment of them all (including the comment about killing Hyde violently) was when I was watching Asian Kung-Fu Generation's "Rewrite." He made some stupid asshole comment about the main singer being ugly and the song being crap. I almost smacked him upside the head. I tried to explain to him that the other day when he walked in on me watching FMA, that very same song had been playing for the intro and he had done a little dance for it. Argh. He makes me so fucking mad sometimes.

Me and Stephanie watched Harry Potter earlier. Yeah, my mother finally gave in and bought it. We'd only been on our knees begging for four days. She and dad went out earlier and spent like five hundred dollars on useless crap and then they surprised us with the movie. Honestly, we didn't think they'd actually get it. Then we watched all of the extras and played all the little games and then we almost watched the movie again, but I told her that I really wanted to get through the Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts tonight because its annoying and I felt that if I didn't finish it tonight then I would never get through it and end up playing Dark Cloud again. I really just don't want to get into that again... it took over my life.
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