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Suck Balls: Revisited

So, I was just sitting here, minding my own business and this cat from hell comes running up into my mothers room and right up my legs. Needless to say, Suck Balls #1 this time was Drigger clawing three or four holes into my legs. On that same note, Suck Balls #2 was me running from the room in a panic to stop the bleeding and cutting an additional gash into the bottom of my foot on a piece of discarded wood and crunching my toe into the tv stand in an attempt to catch myself from falling.

THEN, because I was singing a particular song earlier (when I was telling my sister about this song I was forced into listening to over and over while at Job Corps) I got the song stuck in my head. "Its the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen, mama rolling that body got every man in here wishing...." AGH! Suck Balls #3 hits like a fucking tornado!

And now I think I either disgusted or pissed off Siris. Ok, I didn't feel like playing Diablo II cause I'm in a HORRIBLE mood and when I told him why, he only made me feel worse by telling me its because I don't leave my house. And like I tell everyone who mentions that, I can't just get up and leave. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. So Suck Balls #4 is me pissing many people off every time I get in a bad mood. So what am I supposed to be happy all the fucking time? Not bloody likely.

And now I'm tired and still have that Sasarai shrine to do. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise. So to Chris and True.... just bear with me. And seriously, if either of you two could write me up those character things, that would be absolutely KICK ASS.

So before this day gets any more Suck Balls, I'm heading off to bed.

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