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Hot Overload

Se7en, Hyde, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and Porno Graffiti were all on Revolution. It was like "Passion" and then right after... fucking BAM, "The Cape of Storms." I stood up so fast when the chick said "Hyde" that I hardly even heard the song title and then I yelled "I fucking love that song" and freaked out my brother who left the room like a minute later after saying Hyde was crap. I didn't call him back down when Boa came on. Screw him. He only likes her for her sweet ass anyway. I doubt he even hears the music while he's drooling all over the screen. Oddly, though, he can do the entire dance during the chorus of "My Name". That... I really find funny. And he can do it WELL.

Anyway, and I just downloaded the video for Dong Bang Shin Gi's "Whatever They Say" off of ZeroDegrees... right... I cannot believe how mighty mighty this video is. It is... fabulous. I mean, its not anthing insanely special... but holy crap. Sexy. So yeah... Stuff is hot this evening.

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