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Harry Potter tomorrow, bitches.
Then I can get my daily dose of Sirius without having to read.
How hot is that shit?
I tell you, very hot.

Shit there was something else...

Oh yes.

Because Will was a fag and got my elite-status Powerpets account deleted, I started a new one because I like to say I've accomplished something. And guess what? I was thinking of a name for myself and as a joke so I could go "oh hey, that's taken too" I put in changmin and hey, it wasn't taken. There are simply not enough DBSG fans in the world if that name is not already in use. So now that's my name. My mother told me she'd give me an ass load of fun stuff to help me get back to where I was so, in this regard, I am so glad she's obsessed with that site.

PS: I named my pet jaejoong... can we say obsession? Who even saw that coming?
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