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I like Ready Steady Go. All 8 versions. And its even better that it was a theme for FMA. I mean, the first time it showed up... I forget which episode, its not important, I knew it was coming but I was not prepared. My eyes still bugged. Called my sister in and was like "you hear it, right?" It was kinda funny but kinda pathetic.

Watched Van Helsing this morning. It was just as sexy as it was in the theater. I love that movie.

Oh yeah, TMR was on Revolution last night. I was like "*freaks* I AM SUCH A FANGIRL RIGHT NOW!" I only hope things get better from here. Because, come on, things can't get much worse. I could turn completely fangirl... and that won't be pretty... so, yeah, I guess things COULD get worse. Don't temp me. I could just let myself go.

I suppose I should start working again on OFG. It won't be long before I need to start putting Suikoden 4 crap in there... if only the game wasn't going to suck so bad. If I say it doesn't suck after I buyt, feel free to quote me a million times about how I had no faith in my obsession, eh?

That's all for now.
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