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OMG, it's finally done. My masterful new layout is done. AND GUESS WHAT ITS NOT JROCK WOOOO! I have finally broken the jrock chain and I give you: Ed from Full Metal Alchemist and lyrics by From First To Last. I saw the lyrics and went "wow, that reminds me of FMA" and from there the layout bloomed. I really don't envy those of you on dialup because I had to save the layout as a .png because its mostly red and trust me one this, it looked really shitty as a .jpg. Of course, if you are on dialup, you WILL see a lovely red background... mmm... AND ITS GREAT FOR ALL SIZES so there shouldn't be any complaints. Now all I have to do is wait for my mother to go to sleep so I can modify the comment link text and titles and whatnot. Oh yeah, and I need to put something about the layout in my userinfo. And to avoid what happened last time with the pictures, this it the one I used: HERE. And here's the rest of the lyrics: HERE.It has been so long since I changed my layout... this feels really good.

So that is that. Hope people like the look.
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