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The Glory of Me

I love when I find a winamp skin that so expertly matches my desktop that I feel the wallpaper and skin must have been made just for each other.

In other, more desperate news, I need the PV for Shinhwa'a Brand New. This is not something I can go without. Yes, I have it about 17 times on tape, but I need it... so I can watch it on the computer. Does this sound sad or what? I'm all but begging here.

Oh, that reminds me of this drinking game me and Steph made up like a week ago. My mother came home drunk off her mind and handed me and my sister a leftover tray of chicken and a bag of beer and various hard liquors so we decided that since she and I had never played a drinking game together, we should. So we decided the material would be my tape of Japanese and Korean music videos. Here's the drink list we came up with:

One Drink
- When understandable english lyrics show up
- When two or more people (not including the same voice twice) are singing
- When a person is playing an instrument as well as singing
- When a male singer hits a high note
- When one person in the video gives another a longing, loving look
- When we look at the screen, point, and say aloud "That is fucking gay."
- When a male is wearing something we'd find ourselves wearing

Two Drinks
- When a guy moves in on a girl (touching, kissing, etc)
- When we mistake a person's gender for that of the opposite
- When ass takes up more than half the screen

Three Drinks
- When was witness REALLY bad dancing... the kind of dancing that makes Gackt look good
- When Stephanie says something or someone is sexy
- When Stephanie sings lyrics that aren't in english

As you can see from this list, it only took us about 14 videos to get completely trashed. Maybe less. Maybe it was more like 10. Not really important.

Oh yeah, and if anyone has episode 36 of Full Metal Alchemist... I need it. I've got like 1-35 then... 37. Somewhere one was missed. Episode 36 being securely in my files would help me out so much.
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