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I just saw Battle Royale

Degac Creep: this movie is so fucked
Apartment 76: It's about time you watched it.
Degac Creep: I thought it was really tragic but still just really fucking funny when all those girls killed each other in the lighthouse
Apartment 76: Hah, yeah, that was pathetic.
Apartment 76: I just sat there and said to myself, "You stupid, stupid little girls"
Degac Creep: heh heh
Degac Creep: and then that last girl was like "its not my fault" but she jumped from the roof anyway
Apartment 76: Heh, mhmm.

Degac Creep: now I noticed something at the end of the movie
Apartment 76: What?
Degac Creep: when Kawada is laying out on the boat, I WANT to say there's something in his pocket but it REALLY looks like he's popping a bone
Apartment 76: O_O
Apartment 76: (Swiftly turns on video)
Degac Creep: *just watched it again* mwahaha
Degac Creep: that is so funny
Apartment 76: Oh my God.
Apartment 76: It does.
Degac Creep: was I right or was I right?
Apartment 76: Wow.
Apartment 76: How did I miss that!?
Degac Creep: I dont see how anybody could
Degac Creep: I did this extreme doubletake and missed a few lines of dialogue
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