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Some Really Fucked Up Icons

I'm telling you, you need to have a really open mind to view these four icons and not shit yourself / die / go on living a sane life. These are not jrock related (I know, shocked me, too), nor are they even understandable by normal people. I am placing them all under LJ cut because... well... let's just say its for the best.

x1 Puss in Boots
x2 Fushigi Yuugi
x1 Patrick Swayze-looking asian guy

Puss in Boots

For yobai

Fushigi Yuugi

Yeah, let it go.

Patrick Swayze-looking asian guy

Again, for yobai, you lucky dog, you.

And now I'm bored. *Holds up a sign that says "Will have sex for icon inspiration"*
These will be up on Creep before I go to bed, I think.
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