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More Experimental Icons

Thought I'd get these loaded before I have to go. I was trying out different stuff again, so if they totally suck, that's undertstandable. Only 5 this time, though. As always, some you may have already seen me use, others are brand spanking new. Enjoy them.

Icon Roster:
x1 Miyavi
x2 Dir en grey
x1 Dong Bang Shin Gi
x1 Hyde


My favorite of all the little moving ones I've made so far.

Dir en grey:

I was trying out shaping the moving part differently and the second was a suggestion by a friend.

Dong Bang Shin Gi:

The first of what I hope to be many from the caps I got from this video.


My own contribution to the love of chibi Hyde.

Andhey, I am loving this moving icon thing. I just keep making them... and its great.
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