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Updated George Is My Love Slave with not only new downloadables but with a new layout. I am so sexy.

And to seduce people into going back to or joining Despair, I put a link up on the forum somewhere that leads to a sexy MUCC download that will make you laugh. BUT, you must promise to join the board. Let's face it, we need it. Plus niimura said she might be leaving the board but I am just not prepared to give up yet. I mean, I just made that sexy layout and everything!

I guess I upset niimura earlier because I informed her that I was looking for Se7en lyrics. She got mad and told me to stop because she was worried that I was going to give up Jrock and go for Kpop... but can't I like both? My favorite band might be Dir en Grey but my guilty pleasure is Dong Bang Shin Gi. They are so different that its scary, but at least I give different types of music a chance.

As for the icons I'm working on, they'll be up soon unless you simply can't wait and would prefer a smaller entry. FUCK IT. I'm waiting. If anyone has any suggestions or requests, you should get them in now.
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