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So Lonely

Been a while. I miss everyone.

I went to see Resident Evil a few days ago. Pretty sexy, if you ask me. I'm just glad that its not a complete load of cheetah crap... because you know that video game movie curse... Anyway, yeah it was good. I'm glad I finally weaseled my mother into taking me. The best thing about going to the movies with my mother? She stops by the Dollar Tree and buys $76 worth of sneak-in goodies. Nothing like watching zombies rip people limp from limb with their teeth while mowing on some beef jerky and pistachios (which, by the way, reminded me of Shinya and I was forced to pop in Five Ugly as soon as I got home.) Mmmm good. And then, get this, ate the nuts while watching it. Big points for me.

And I found something out earlier. Sometimes when I type really fast I hit the T instead of Y. Now, its a good thing I proofread most of what I type out now because I made a horrible mistake typing out "Toshiya" earlier. It was instead "Toshita"... To shit-a... heh heh. I haven't laughed like that for... like... two hours at least.

I'm still sick... which really sucks because now I can't sleep. And there's creepy ass noises coming from outside. Charlotte's up with me but I couldn't depend on her to save her own life let alone tell me if some freak comes wandering into the house via the basement. And she just asked me if her hair would look good blond. Oh my god. Like I care what color her fucking hair is. She used to have sexy Kao hair... for real her hair looked just like his from Drain Away. And Stephanie (who has dyed her hair black now) came up with the brilliant (and may I say original... note the sarcasm) idea of streaking part of the front blonde. These bitches are killing me slowly with their wanna-be Kao hair.

By the way, and I have to say it, just because I'm not around to defend my turf... doesn't mean you can move in. *Stares* You know who you are. *Plants a "Property of Caged" sticker on Toshiya's forehead.* Back off bitches. And don't think I'm joking. Four hundred thousand jrockers out there... you don't need him. Actually... *adds "and Kaoru" to the sticker* What now bitches?

That movie Solaris is FUCKING BORING. I've been trying to watch it for like... four days. I'm like... thirty minutes in. I don't understand it and I fear I'll have to start it over. But really... there's nothing on so I might have to take care of that now...

And holy shit... like... chapter two of my fic fucking VANISHED... like into THIN AIR. Chapter one? Fine. Chapter three (which is like... my fave)? Dandy. Beginning of four? Spanky. But two? Vanished.

I've been playing an asscrapload of Dark Cloud. Same deal as Dark Cloud 2, though... My brother doesn't want me to get past him but he's so painfully slow at playing RPGs that I spent four hours earlier wandering aimlessly through dungeons and now he's crying like a mother fucking pussy because my weapons kick the shit out of his. That's what he gets for insisting I don't get past him. I did once in Dark Cloud 2 and he erased my fucking memory card. And with the shit I have on there now, I am just not prepared to lose it. Please, three Suikoden 3 files with over 80 hours on each, four FF10s (one of which has something around 125 hours on it), not to mention ALL my fucking .hack stuff, Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, Bloody Roar 3, Soul Reaver, Five fucking saves of Grandia 2 because I never delete anything unless I have to, Devil May Cry with all the fixins, ICO (just let it go... let it go...), Kingdom Hearts... MY GOD, the Kingdom Hearts files alone are worth shrining the thing. As you can plainly see, I am just not prepared to give it up.

And I never mentioned my Lupin figurine. I ... uh... have one. Like, from Harry Potter. You know... Lupin... the werewolf. I have this figurine... it moves and changes between man and wolf. Its pretty shibby. My sister got Harry and once I had Lupid tear Harry's throat out.... because it sounded like a fun scene... and it was. Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say. These entries sure do get long and even longer in-between.

I miss everyone.

Oh yeah, BTW, Domonic is mine. Fuck off fan bitches.
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