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Will Pimp For Love

After popping around all bored-like in all my friends userinfos... I would like to acknowledge the following people as Small Gods in my book... you know, just so you know how very bored I am with no instant messanger... Yes, I prowl your userinfos when I have nothing to do. So here they are and the reasons why I love them so.

jasssmin - 4, count them 4 of my colorbars AND total Creep advertising (the real reason I started this list. I was just like... "wow, that femme totally pimps me out" and it went from there)
_masqueradex - 3 colorbars (and nice choices, I might add)
cerynitia - 1 colorbar, 1 icon (everyone loves the live bar... yay!)
crescent_ - 3 colorbars (yay for someone using the sandwich bar)
domestik_fucker - 1 colorbar (I get a kick out of the Gackt is a tampon bar... heh)
i_eat_bamboo - 3 icons (aww all your icon spots are held up by me)
juicemaloose - 1 icon (I still can't believe you have that thing)
kalapan - 1 icon (bitch, you don't ever post anymore)
niimura76 - 1 colorbar, 1 icon (both of which I made special for you, baby)
ropemaidenkirie - 1 colorbar (and the best one, at that)
soranikaeshite - 2 colorbars, 2 icons (oh god, you use the hat icon)

I pimp out my friends, do you? Apparantly so... I mean look at all the times my journal links from yours. *bored out of my mind love*

PS: Yes, this is in attempt to make up for the horrible amount of time I've been away and still need to be away... sorry about all of this. It really isn't my fault, I swear.
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