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I have been through hell. Yesterday evening I was talking to niimura and she said she was doing something to do with checking for ad and spyware in her computer. My virus protection having ended a few months ago, I thought it would be "wise" to get that program she was using and scan my own. Unfortunately in doing this, I awoke a monster. And what do you think the very first thing to go under was? Oh yes, the internet. So I said, and I quote, "Oh shit, I'll brb" ... But I wasn't back. It's a god-damned miracle I'm back now. I started wigging out. I was like... "No... it can't be!" Then other shit started shutting down and I really started to panic. The machine was randomly shutting itself down and all that jazz. So I was fully planning to format this fucking thing. But I decided to calm the hell down and took this step by step. I'm gonna cut the technical shit short and say that stuff is still fucked. If I dissapear for a while, you'll know why.
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