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The Tomorrow

Tomorrow I have to go to a wedding. Originally I thought I was only going for my mighty mighty picture-taking skills, but I found out yesterday that I'll also be in charge of the god damned music. And it won't even be good music... just shitty ass ancient music that nobody this side of the generation barrier has ever heard. And for real, if I'm messing with music how do they expect me to take decent, well-timed pictures? And eat? Can't forget eating. How am I supposed to eat the whole time? That's right, they screwed me over. They bent me right over the chair and fucked me in the ass with a Sega controller.

Anyway, I'm working on icons again ("YAY!") and I need a new layout for my LJ... again. It's like every time someone else gets a new layout I feel like I need to. But now I get to spend the next month griping over how this layout sucks and give the new layout at least five tries before making one I actually like. I pretty much told this Gackt experiment to fuck itself for a full day and now I have Miyavi blasting through the house to make up for all the Gackt I've been listening to. I'll try to have some icons done before my mother gets home. If this doesn't happen I won't be posting them until late tomorrow or possibly Sunday.
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