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Gackt = The Gross

I already used "Gackt = The Evil" at one point... my computer tells me so so I went with "The Gross" instead. Anyway, this comes from the smooth journal stylings of gacktexperiment. As I was writing it out, I had a good laugh so I couldn't NOT share it in my prime journal.

(my comments will be in normal type)

(These findings from AsiaFinest)

Gackt was once part of Malice Mizer, a well-known J-rock band but later went solo. Although he is no longer part of the group, he says he still loves all members of the band in their own special ways. I'll bet he does. Just sitting at home all alone because he's a scab, remembering the good old days when Mana would... touch him... He composes his own music and originally wanted to be a conductor. This is surprisingly admirable. I can respect him for that. He reads all his fanmail bullshit and even occasionally responds to lucky fans. Ok, how lucky is this lucky? Like... "avoid being hit by a car" lucky, or "find a nickle on the sidewalk" lucky? Gackt says that he became psychic after a near-death experience during his childhood. Oh my god. Seriously. I don't think I can take much more of this. If people "became psychic" after near-death experiences, then I'm psychic four times over. He also says he used to be possessed by spirits. *Head hits desk* Gackt's parents were very strict and only allowed him to watch educational TV programs and listen to Classical music. Ok, did anyone besides myself read "A Child Called It"? Please, that kid's mother tried to torch his hand on the stove. Gackt did NOT have it rough, trust me.
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