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The Whole Explination

Yes, you read right... the entire thing. THE WHOLE EXPLINATION... well... it explains why I don't like Shinya so much, at least.

wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: how come you don't like shinya?
Degac Creep: I don't know, I honestly have no clue
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: huh
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: well thats understandable.
Degac Creep: its just... ok, let me try to explain
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: i suppose...
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: okay <3
Degac Creep: first we have here *holds out a little totchi doll* Toshiya. Talented, hot, playful, PERFECT
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: mm hm~!
Degac Creep: and here we have *holds out a slightly used-looking Kao doll* Kaoru. Also very talented, musical genius, FUCKING HOT, and he makes some of the best damn facial expressions I have ever seen
Degac Creep: (plus his bulge is like YOW)
Degac Creep: *pulls out Die and Kyo dolls* Die is a dork, has a perfect smile, plays his guitar violently and has red hair (which is so very sexy) Kyo is loud, tempermental, creative, poetic and ... short
Degac Creep: *Shinya doll* .... *stares at it*.... *cough*
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: *snigger*
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: *raises hand*
Degac Creep: yes?
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: shinchan is pwetty, a very talented drummer, and he's very silly.
Degac Creep: ok, Shinya
Degac Creep: *holds up the doll again*
Degac Creep: Talented, wrote some of my favorite Dir en Grey songs....
Degac Creep: *thinks*
Degac Creep: ok, can we go into negative? cause I got nothing
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: sure
Degac Creep: ok, the list was getting long so I'll just skip it
Degac Creep: I guess I can stand him
Degac Creep: I don't hate him
Degac Creep: not at all
Degac Creep: I just I guess don't appreciate him as much as the others

Thank you, LJ, we love you, good night.

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