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A request

The request I made a while back for Scratch 4 Jagger-based material still stands. I can't even find a place to buy the shit. So I would be eternally grateful for anything involving these guys.

But here's the real request.

Cage PV screenshots. Lots of them. I don't care if you made them yourself or know I place I can get them, the real point of it is I need them and never you mind why. I just do. Did I mention I need a lot of them? How much? Don't stop until your computer says you have no more room to save stuff. THAT is how much I need.

Fuck it, while I'm at it, I need Kasumi PV screenshots as well. Believe me, I would make them myself but I refuse to use winamp to play videos because it hates me and my other media players don't support the print screen button. And if you need specifics, I need need NEED Kaoru shots from this one. It is my goal to have a Kaoru from Kasumi icon and I hate the photoshoot shots of him.

Ok, that's all I need. Carry on.
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