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Well now

So, not only do I feel like shit and I'm ready to ralph, I just went through my userinfo to find that Lady Chris fucking deleted me from her friends list. That's nice. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And I couldn't comment there about it because she has it set so only her friends can fucking comment. Also, I'm under the impression and have been for a while that she's mad at me about something, although I'm not sure what because I've never been rude to her or anything. I guess I'm just overly unhappy because I'm also not feeling very well. What kind of bullshit is this anyway?

Anyway, my father is taking me and my sister out to Boston tomorrow to see some Lord of the Rings thing... not sure what it's about entirely but I'll do my hair up all fucked up-like and tell you guys how it went when I get back. It probably won't be very fun because of my current state of health, but I'll go to humor him because he likes to do things he thinks we'll like... and at any other point in time I would have really wanted to go. So, I'm going to bed now, so much for my night-long happy trip... *sigh* So goodnight.
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