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I Blame The Kao Lovers

... well, really just soranikaeshite. See, we got to talking about Kaoru (like we usually do) and one thing led to another and before I knew it I had the 5 Ugly DVD in, listening to all my favorite songs... and then I stayed up another two hours to watch the full concert and all the extra stuff so when I'm bitchy later, you can blame her.

A funny little diddy from our convo:

wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: i swear to kaoru, they jerk off before photoshoots
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: seriously
Degac Creep: how do you figure? and like how? like, all in a circle talking about ... the weather or something...?
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: i dont know...but kaokao and kyo tend to have boners in plenty of photos
Degac Creep: ...

And lady, I swear I'm trying to make you that icon but as I told you, I have a severe case of iconer's block right now... and even the dork can't rememdy that.
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