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Before the day is done...

My shameful Shinya experience.

niimura76: you are mean to shin
niimura76: toooo much
Degac Creep: *climbs out*
Degac Creep: *kneels at Shin's feet* Forgive me?
Degac Creep: oh mighty drumming god?
niimura76: *points at shinya's pants*
niimura76: *looks at you*
Degac Creep: ..... uh...
Degac Creep: confused
niimura76: *cackle*
niimura76: *unzips his pants*
niimura76: *shoves you forward*
Degac Creep: *face of horror*
Degac Creep: no... please...
niimura76: *glare*
Degac Creep: *whimper*
Degac Creep: *cough*
niimura76: *death glare*
Degac Creep: *lip quiver* ... *leans forward*
Degac Creep: *humiliated*
niimura76: *pets you*
Degac Creep: ... not... fair...
niimura76: *waits*
niimura76: is too.
niimura76: hes not that bad below the waist
niimura76: weve all seen those god thighs
Degac Creep: *does the deed but refuses to reveal any details on grounds of self incrimination*
niimura76: *slaps you upside the head*

*Cries like a girl*
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