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I was just walking out of my bedroom when I went to get my wheat thins and I stepped on something... hurt like a bitch and now I'm sitting here with my foot throbbing.... *piss moan*

In better news, this femme (I think) on LJ screencapped Yokan for me (because I asked, and that's awesome). I was drinking some kool-ade and just relaxing, going through the photobucket gallery of caps and I came across this one picture in particular. I laughed a bit and said "Oh, that's attractive, Kao" (sarcasm). You see, I have never seen this pv... and don't get me wrong, I want to... but you know...

Anyway the picture:
Here Be Wierd

Yeah, I think I'm about to go PV-crazy and watch all the ones I have... or maybe not Ain't Afraid To Die... I mean, that song is awesome and all, but that pv makes me upset because I don't understand it.
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